Jamie Gibbons Art Director | GEO Real Estate

Jamie Gibbons, Art Director

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Jamie is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and art director with an eye for pixel perfection.

Upon receiving her BA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona, she spent the next 8 years building strong client relationships and broadening her appeal in the creative industry. Her work can be seen across all platforms, for clients of all sizes. From character design for companies such as Earth Balance and MGAE, to trade show exhibits for Siemens, she loves what she does. Her biggest goal any given day is to create solutions for things that really haven’t been tackled before.

Jamie is crazy for all things animation. She exhibits her illustrative work internationally and is part of an all female animation/illustration guild. She spends her free time trying new mediums and collaborating with other artists. Her passion has taken her all over and she’s thrilled for each new experience and perspective.