Lawrence Hinson Marketing Director | GEO Real Estate

Lawrence Hinson | Marketing Director | GEO Real Estate

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Lawrence Hinson is the Marketing director for GEO Real Estate and pours his creativity into each project while keeping the marketing message purposeful and clear.

For Larry, marketing is about communication, not decoration. This approach has led to his video production work being showcased on broadcast television and recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the “Top Entrepreneurs Under 30.” He also produced “The 5’clock Funnies” which was a nationally syndicated comedy show. With over 20 years of creative, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Larry knows how to create an effective marketing plan from concept to completion.

Larry’s passion is coming up with new marketing ideas and implementing them. He loves creating dialogue with his team and clients so that everyone can incorporate the principles of sustainable development into their process and methods. When Larry is not making his clients happy, he enjoys traveling to new places, wine tasting and playing songs on his piano.